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Lunch & Dinner Menu

Menu Selections

Our truck’s daily menu is selected from the following items.  All are available for private events.

Summer Salads

Green Goodness Salad – Nice hearty mix of cabbage, broccoli & kale sprinkled with Craisins & Pepitas.  Topped with homemade colonial style dressing.

Cukes & Onions salad – Classic sliced cucumbers & onions soaked in a homemade vinegar dressing.

Watermelon Salad – Chunks of sweet seedless watermelon drizzled with fresh lemon juice and chopped mint from our garden.

Summer Sides

Cheesy grits – White hominy grits softened with water & milk then slow cooked for several hours with aged parmesan and sharp cheddar cheeses. Seasoned with our house dry spice and a bit of hot pepper sauce.  Tasty, creamy and oh so good.  All we are saying is give grits a chance!

French Fries – Golden crinkle cut fries served with house sauce or Ketchup.

Winter Sides

Mac & Cheese – Super creamy and cheesy Mac & Cheese made fresh on the truck.

Dirty Rice – A hearty and tasty blend of rice, sausage, veggies and shrimp.

Meats & Mains:

Shrimp & Grits – Large shrimp cooked on the griddle with onions, celery & mushrooms. Spiced up and served over out tasty Cheesy Grits.

The Charleston – Large shrimp breaded, battered & fried to order on the truck.  Served on a roll with lettuce, tomato and our tasty house sauce.

The Myrtle (grilled) –  White and dark meat chicken grilled, spiced up and served on a roll with lettuce, tomato, fried onions and our tasty house sauce.

The Savannah – Fresh cut chicken tenders golden fried and served crisp and juicy with house sauce.

  1. Greetings,

    We would like to know if you would be interested in bringing your food truck to our location during our holiday season. For more info please contact Sononi or Kelly Collins @ 268-3511
    . Thank You

  2. Kathy Valentine - August 30, 2016

    I stumbled upon your website while looking for the different types of food trucks in the Columbus area, bc I was in the OSU Hospital for a transplant, (kidney), episode in isolation in ICU bored to death after more than 2 weeks in the hospital, and I could not been happier after reading your menu and reviews. I’m still recuperating, but if you send out location alerts I would certainly appreciate being put on your email list. As soon as I am able, I am really looking forward to sampling your delicious looking, love your pic on your website, food for myself! Thank you and may our Heavenly Father richly bless all your days!😇
    Kathy Valentine
    👣💞👥🌎✌ …
    Walk N love 4 all 4 world peace!👍

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